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All services are available in English and Spanish

Individual Therapy

For children, adolescents, and young adults covering areas of focus such as depression, anxiety, executive functioning, life transitions, adjustment difficulties, and impulsivity.

Psycho-Educational Evaluation

For children as young as five through college students in need of accommodations or suspected learning difficulties in the areas of reading, writing or math. 

Psychological Evaluation

Psychodiagnostic evaluations for youth and young adults with concerns of spectrum disorders, impulsivity, inattention, and emotional challenges.

Family Therapy

Including parent training for all ages, generational difficulties, communication and family cohesion.


Having thoughts or concerns related to your child's mood, behavior, performance at school? Schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns and establish recommendations. 

Group Therapy

Skills based groups for children and adolescents. Dates will be posted soon. 


At Yadira Torres LLC, we are committed to assisting individuals and families in processing in all areas of their lives. While we do have a pre-set pay scale for all our services, we invite all those interested to contact our office for more information regarding payment and fees. 


We accept cash, debit, and all major credit cards for payment.


There are some benefits to self-pay. Specifically, when an insurance company is billed, we must provide a mental health diagnosis to demonstrate that your treatment is medically necessary. This may require specific information about your treatment and diagnosis. Many people would prefer not to have a documented history of therapeutic interventions. As a self-pay client, you will have the benefit of knowing that insurance companies will not have access to your mental health records.

Out of Network:

Many insurance plans cover a portion of the cost of services provided by out-of-network psychologists. Yadira Torres LLC will provide you with a bill, which you can then submit to your insurance company for partial or full reimbursement.

If you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurance company, learning about your benefits and coverage will help you make an informed decision. Contacting your insurance provider and asking these questions may help you understand your mental health benefits better:

Are mental health services covered by my plan?

Will I need a referral in order to be reimbursed?

Can I use an out-of-network provider?

How much is covered per session for an out-of-network provider?​

How many sessions will you cover?

What type of documentation will you need from ONP?

In there a deductible and has it been met?

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